Basement Art Show


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Online Exhibition Featuring
Art By Steve Cattin & Nick Walsh

This last 6 months of COVID-19 was a weird time for all of us, and as artists and event organizers we must adapt. One idea worth exploring is taking advantage of online resources to have art be more accessible and balance it with the in-person experience. The catch? For the foreseeable future, Basement Art Shows will stop having receptions BUT we will start showcasing art online.

“Chew On This” is a collection of abstract art that Steve Cattin and Nick Walsh have produced in the last 6 months.

It will start out as online exclusive and the art will be available to check out in-person at Studio Anatomy (140 East Front Street, Traverse City) starting on October 1st. You may check it out during Studio Anatomy’s operational hours, Mon-Saturday, 11am-6pm. Art will be for sale and prices will be set and listed by then too.

Any donations are appreciated and will be used for putting on more Basement Art Shows. Thank you!

Steve Cattin

Nick Walsh